Aluminum Extrusions Tubing

Buying The Best Aluminum Extrusions

When you are shopping for aluminum extrusions or tubing you must select the best company for your needs. There are many aluminum companies out there. So what are the main factors that you should take into account? For one, the best pricing is usually the company most people go with. However, there are other features that you must take into account. For example, the quality of the aluminum that the company uses. When looking for a custom aluminum channel, there are many different sizes and aluminum types that you can select from.

Tooling Costs

Tooling costs are also very important. They can range from a few thousand dollars to a lot more than that. So you should always ask the company what is their tooling cost. Not only that, but some companies will offer credits once you reach a certain amount of ordering. For example, with us, if you order over 40K lbs of your profile, the tooling costs are creditted to your account and you can use that money for your next aluminum order.

Extruded aluminum can be made in many different ways. Each aluminum type costs more or less, depending on the quality and availability of the aluminum. Moreover, aluminum pricing goes up and down every day. That is why most quotes are only valid for 1 week. Because the price of aluminum changes every second, we must take that into account when providing you with a quote. Moreover, the shape and size of your aluminum profile can also make a big difference in pricing. If you were to make a profile thinner and weigh less then the price of your profile will cost less as well.

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